Computer Virus

What is Computer Virus and How to Protect your Computer from Virus

As you already know about the digital world’s benefits, you should also be aware of the threats while using technologies. The basic one is, of course, computer Virus. Computer Viruses can sound simple, but the threat they possess is unimaginable. Your brand new Computer can go from healthy to lag and slow Virus affected Computer quick. To protect your computer from viruses and malware, read the full article.

What is a Computer Virus?

A computer Virus is nothing but a program that makes copies of itself to modify other computer programs and finally inserts its code into the other computer program. A computer virus is lethal only when it comes in contact with the host program. This is because the Virus writes its code into the host program. After infection, if the host program runs, the additional written program runs first, making it a damaged one.

Computer Viruses must sound harmless, but they can cause harm and loss worth billions of dollars worth of economic damage each year. But if we are talking about threats to computers, then there also comes Computer worm. The only difference between a Computer Virus and Computer Worm is that the computer worm does not need a host program to cause damage. It is an independent program and can run on its own to cause harm.

After knowing about a computer virus, you must be confused about how the virus damage appears before you. How will you know whether your Computer is Virus infested? Afterall the coding stuff runs in the background. Additionally, the Computer cannot speak to let you know about its illness. However, it does show you signs and symptoms if speaking biologically. Characteristic signs of a virus-infected computer mostly include:

  • Files go missing unexpectedly
  • Computer slows down
  • The Computer will always have low space or storage.
  • The browser might pop up for no reason.
  • The security software or antivirus will be disabled.
  •  Your Computer will end up with unwanted and additional files.
  • The Computer will crash very frequently.
  • The screen will freeze and will show blue screen errors.
  • The unwanted process will run in the background.
  • In severe cases, OS will not show up.

Types of Computer Virus

There are commonly nine types of Computer viruses that might make your Computer nothing but a piece of e-waste. But you do not have to worry if you identify the Virus and take measures against it till it’s too late. Without any further ado, lets us know about computer virus types first.

  1. Resident Virus

Resident Virus is stored in the memory, making it the most dangerous one. It can infect or corrupt other files even when the Virus’s original file is not running. This is because it stays in the memory and has access to all files. However, the most harmful feature is that it can even attach itself to the antivirus. It is always advisable to keep your Computer safe from Resident viruses.

 2. Multipartite Virus

As the name suggests, Multipartite Virus a that can infect the Computer in multiple ways. It infects the entire Computer, thus making it the most dangerous one. It corrupts the files by performing actions that are not necessary and unauthorized. This computer virus has the ability to deteriorate the boot sector and executable files.

  3. Browser Hijacker

A Browser Hijacker is an unwanted software that modifies the browser settings without asking for users’ permission. It is easily detected because it shows unwanted ads in the browser. Additionally, it also replaces the search page with a hijacker page. Another sign is that you will be redirected to malicious websites.

 4. File Infector

A file infector is a virus that targets executable files(.exe) and gets attached to the executable code. It gradually spreads to the other files, thus corrupting the entire Computer.

 5. Network Virus

As it is already evident on just reading the name, network viruses are those viruses that spread through the network connections and make copies of themselves through shared or downloaded files.

 6. Boot Sector Virus

Boot Sector Virus is a virus that transmits through USB or emails. On clicking the files, it activates and infects the system. To avoid these files, do not respond to emails that unknown senders send.

 7. Overwrite Virus

Overwrite Virus destroys the host’s original code and rewrites it with its code, thus making the program useless and non-functioning. It is very harmful and can even affect the DOS platforms such as Windows, Linux, and Macintosh.

 8. Web Scripting Virus

Web Scripting virus is malware that intrudes into your web browser’s security and inserts a code that controls the webpage. You will end up with a slow webpage.

 9. Direct Action

These types of viruses attack the specific files and modify their code. Direct Action virus is easy to detect as they target only specific files.

How to Protect your Computer from Computer Viruses?

Now that you have the necessary information about a computer virus further, it is essential to know how to protect your Computer from such viruses. So let’s get into that.

The basic preventive measure to save yourself from infection is self-awareness. If you are not aware of the threats faced by your Computer, you will not be able to protect your Computer. While using your computer lookout for the signs and symptoms above mentioned, and delete the corrupted files

Additionally, it is advisable not to visit a malicious website that will compel you to accept cookies, and sometimes some websites download files containing viruses of their own. These files, once enter into your system they will start to replicate. The next time you are browsing, make sure you visit a secured website.

You will have to install a good antivirus that will scan and look for the Virus behind your Computer misbehaving. However, only scanning is not sufficient. You will have to make sure that files infected with the Virus are deleted at once. There are tons of antivirus available in the market that are reliable and have proven to be useful. We have listed some for you:

List of 5 Best Antivirus:


Available for: Windows, iOS, Android, macOS

  • It protects several devices you want to.
  • McAfee fixes security issues.
  • It also warns you about potential dangerous threats.
  • You can also keep your documents encrypted.
  • It keeps you safe from Scams.
  • The antivirus removes malware too.

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Available for: Windows, iOS, Android, macOS

  • It is loaded with premium features
  • Bitdefender also allows you to chat on social networks with security.
  • It also allows users to use the browser anonymously.
  • Your mobile devices are also protected.

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Available for: Windows, iOS, Android, macOS

  • It accurately detects viruses.
  • You can also use the built-in cloud to store and backup your data.
  • It also protects the password and username.
  • Norton prevents hacking.

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Available for: Windows, iOS, Android, macOS

  • It is the fastest antivirus
  • You can protect your identity from being stolen.
  • The UI is intuitive and easy to use.
  • It alerts you about the online scan.

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Available for: Windows, iOS, Android, macOS

  • It is known for USB protection.
  • It keeps files safe using strong encryption.
  • Panda also features cloud storage where you can keep your files safe.
  • This antivirus helps you clean your Computer.

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