About Us

About Us

Click Computers, formerly known as The Geeks Online Inc., is a team of experienced and innovative individuals who believe in customer satisfaction as their main moto. We understand the customer’s need and we thrive in providing the best innovative IT solutions.

We design, install and manage reliable and secure IT Solutions. Our capabilities include one of the best and advance technologies.

Our products and accessories line covers devices like desktop computers, laptops, printers, tablets, smart phones, networking equipment and all kind of computer hardware and accessories and many more.


Our Story

When Click Computers (Formerly known as The Geeks Online Inc.) began to disrupt the IT industry, it needed to market to two separate groups: B2B consumers who wanted one place to purchase products and IT services and Brands who wanted to expand their channel distribution through trusted means. Their two-in-one value proposition: Businesses benefit from a truly one-stop experience and brands benefited with channel distribution growth.

In their own words, “Click Computers exists as a one stop for providing services including best quality branded products.”

As a business goes through different stages of growth, its value proposition is likely to change, too. Originally, we are marketing as reliable one-place for both IT products and services, Click Computers will soon become an experience-driven, reliable source of IT products and services, with its own value proposition.

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